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do gun laws prevent gun violence

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  • Do Gun laws reduce violent crime?

  • Policies that expand the number of gun owners or people carrying guns could deter violent crime if would-be attackers fear confrontations with armed victims (Kleck, 2009), or the policies might make the consequences of violent crime less severe for victims if they are able to successfully use firearms to repel attackers.

  • Should we restrict access to guns to prevent violence?

  • In contrast, laws that restrict access to firearms among those people who are at the greatest risk for violence鈥攏amely, people with a history of violence鈥攁re intervening among a subpopulation of people who are likely to commit crimes. In other words, you are intervening in the most focused way possible鈥攖hat is, in high-risk situations.

  • Why is it important to control for gun ownership?

  • ordinances. Controlling for the presence or absence of other pree xisting gun laws is especially control are likely to favor others as well. Thus, failing to control for existing gun laws could lead to reduce violence. happens to be one of them. This is because (1) it is essential to control for gun ownership levels to

  • What is the best way to reduce gun violence?

  • The authors conclude that specific laws combining different types of firearm regulations are the best way to reduce deaths from gun violence. They also found that some specific regulations 鈥?such as background checks 鈥?are the most effective.