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what did the jim crow laws say

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What was the reasoning behind the Jim Crow laws?

You could argue that the motivation behind the Jim Crow laws was not to say that blacks were inferior, but rather to say that the North could not tell the South what to do. If you look at it like this, these laws were an act of defiance against the North, not an act of hatred towards blacks.

What are the worst examples of Jim Crow laws?

Jim Crow’s laws and labeling system were reinforced by violence, real and threats against people of color. Blacks and mulattoes who violated Jim Crow’s rules, for example, drinking from the white water fountain or trying to vote, risked their homes, their jobs, even their lives. Total Impunity Against Rights

What was the worst Jim Crow law?

Some of those laws, experts warn, could substantially suppress Black voter turnout, posing one of the most serious threats to civil rights in decades. “This is the worst we’ve seen since Jim Crow,’’ said Sean Morales-Doyle, acting director of the …

What were Jim Crow laws and what was their purpose?

The purpose of the Jim Crow laws was to segregate and disenfranchise black Americans. The Jim Crow system, which was a racial caste class in actuality, was a series of immutable anti-black laws that mainly deprived African Americans the right to suffrage. The Jim Crow laws, named after a black character in minstrel shows, were primarily enforced in the American South and border states.