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what is cooper’s law

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Called Cooper’s Law for 9-year-old Cooper Stock,who was killed by a taxi while crossing the corner of 97th Street and West End Avenue in January,it is one of several pieces of legislation the council approved that support Mayor de Blasio’s goal ofeliminating pedestrian traffic deaths by 2024.

Why choose Cooper law?

Founded in 2010 specifically to fill that gap, Cooper Law, LLC offers sliding fees to family law clients to assure that even those of modest means are able to obtain legal counsel in serious and life-changing family law matters. We represent clients in the 7 county metro area and beyond!

How can Cooper law help with my disability claim?

Applying for disability can be overwhelming. Cooper Law, LLC provides full attorney representation for your disability claim. We can help you apply initially for disability or, if you have already applied and been denied, we can help with your request for reconsideration or appeal.

Why choose Coopers LLP to help you become a pedestrian?

With our partners having lived car-free in San Francisco, Coopers LLP knows how frightening and vulnerable it can feel to be a pedestrian. Life as you know it has been permanently changed.

Why hire Miles Cooper?

Excellent guidance and outcome in two settlements. Miles Cooper is the brilliant, compassionate attorney you want in your corner during the worst moments of your life. Through their perseverance and intelligence we were able to settle amicably.

How big is a WRAN antenna?

During 2011, a new WiFi standard called WRAN was announced, which is capable from a single antenna of delivering a 22-megabyte per second Internet connection over 12,000 square miles (30,720 sq. km.), an area the size of the country of Taiwan or the U.S. State of Maryland.

What is Cooper’s law?

Cooper’s Law means that readily obtaining a wireless Internet connection of tens, if not hundreds, of megabytes per second speeds anywhere in the developed world will be the norm by the end of this decade. Wireless Internet access will reach an even larger human population than will have access to electricity.

How does Moore’s law affect the world?

As much as Moore’s Law affects the world in terrific ways, it alone would result merely in very powerful but isolated and unconnected computer boxes, with no broadband networking, no Internet, not even anything online, were not for two similar observations or so -called laws. Although these two other dynamic laws of technology are taught in my classroom, they need also be taught in any classroom that teaches Moore’s Law. Moreover, every technology or media executive who needs to predict or understand the future needs to understand the two as well as Moore’s Law.

What are the practical effects of Cooper’s law?

The practical effects of Cooper’s Law are readily observable to people who live in developed nations. It is why a roomful of people can now simultaneously use their mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, WiFi laptops, etc., without those devices’ signals interfering with one other.

When did Marconi start using radio?

When in 1901 Guglielmo Marconi began wirelessly transmitting (‘broadcasting’) Morse code across the Atlantic, radio technology was so primitive that his signal used a significant fraction of the world’s radio spectrum.

Which countries have wireless internet?

Not only are homes and offices now equipped with wireless information access to the Internet, but so are some entire cities and countries (Bahrain, Barbados, Estonia, and Malta have become wireless information fields.)

Who was the first person to notice the acuity of Moore’s observation?

The acuity of Moore’s observation prompted radio telecommunications scientist Martin Cooper, the inventor of the mobile phone, to notice a similar dynamic in the progression of wireless communications.


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Applying for disability can be overwhelming. Cooper Law, LLC provides full attorney representation for your disability claim.


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