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Tag: what is dpp in law

what is dpp in law

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Director of Public Prosecutions

What is the full form of DPP?

What is the Full Form of DPP ? Daily Practise Papers – which means a set of question papers which needs to be solved on each day Why it is important to solve DPP ?

What does DPP stand for in India?

What does DPP stand for? DPP stands for Daily Practice Problems. Advertisement: This definition appears very rarely. … (Physics Vol-2) online at best prices in India on Paytm.com. CHEMISTRY Daily Practice Problems Point Choose the correct option, only one is correct Q.1 The hybridisation of the central atom will change when [3]

What is the full form of DP?

What are the types of DP?The profile picture you use on the WhatsApp chatting app is called DP in short form. It’s often referred to as WhatsApp DP.A photo used on Facebook is called a Facebook DP. …Similarly,a photo used on an Instagram profile is called an Instagram DP but sharing a photo on Instagram is called a post or story

What does DP mean in a gang slang?

‘DP’ – gang meaning explained The term DP in the context of a gang is said to represent disciplinary punishment dished out to a gang member. The punishment typically occurs when a member breaks a rule of the gang they are affiliated with. As per Urban Dictionary, getting DP’d refers to an individual being jumped by a group of other gang members.