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Tag: What is lead174 and why is it important

what does leads stand for in law enforcement

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Law Enforcement Automated Data System

What is lead® and why is it important?

While tensions have risen between law enforcement and community members and civil rights advocates, LEAD has led to strong alliances among traditional opponents in policy debates surrounding policing, and built a strong positive relationship between police officers and people on the street who are often a focus of police attention.

What is the purpose of entry of leads in Illinois?

ENTRY OF LEADS-SPECIFIC MISSING PERSON CATEGORIES LEADS (not NCIC) allows for the entry of accident victims and incarcerated persons. Accident victim records on file provide a service to Illinois police agencies and the public in those instances when a citizen asks the police forinformation about an overdue traveler or otherwise missing person.

How do prosecutors work with lead participants?

Prosecutors and police officers work closely with case managers to ensure that all contacts with LEAD participants going forward, including new criminal prosecutions for other offenses, are coordinated with the service plan for the participant to maximize the opportunity to achieve behavioral change.

What information is required to locate a leads-only record?

Record identifiers required to Locate a LEADS-only record are the LEADS Number and Name as it appears in themaster record. The disposition field is also required to Locate a Missing Person LEADS record. Locating a Missing Person record will automatically purge the record. It does not stay on file for after being Located like other Hot files.