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what does the word redacted mean in law

what does the word redacted mean in law插图

Key TakeawaysRedacted,a fairly common practice in legal documents,refers to the process of editing a document to conceal or remove confidential information before disclosure or publication.Redacting personal data in documents is important to avoid identity theft.More items

What to redact in a legal document?

Redaction is the editing of a document to remove, mask, or delete privileged or confidential information. It is a common practice to use redaction in legal documents. It can be accomplished in different ways, such covering passages with indelible marker and photocopying the document, or using computer software available for the process. The amount and nature of deleted information can vary greatly.

What’s with the "redacted" text?

Redacting is asecurity measure used by governments and corporations to protect sensitive information. The redacted text generator lets you create your own redacted text so you can easily add it to your documents or presentations.

What does the word "redact" mean?

To redact is defined as to write out or edit for publication. An example of to redact is to create a legal document. An example of to redact is to delete classified information from a document before it is published. verb 1 0 To arrange in proper form for publication; edit. verb 1 0 Advertisement

What is meant by Redacted?

What does redacted mean? verb (used with object) to put into suitable literary form; revise; edit. to draw up or frame (a statement, proclamation, etc.). to edit (text) so as to remove or hide confidential or sensitive information: His account number has been redacted from the top of the statement.

What does redacted mean?

to draw up or frame (a statement, proclamation, etc.). to edit (text) so as to remove or hide confidential or sensitive information : His account number has been redacted from the top of the statement.

What does it mean to redact a word?

To redact is to arrange or edit text in a written document. You can think of redact as redoing writing or taking back some of what was originally said. … You’ll often see the word redact being used with the prepositions in or into. You might take several documents and redact them into a single one.

Why are things redacted?

Redaction in its sanitization sense (as distinguished from its other editing sense) is the blacking out or deletion of text in a document, or the result of such an effort. It is intended to allow the selective disclosure of information in a document while keeping other parts of the document secret.

What information can be redacted?

Rule 5.2 (a), titled “Redacted Filings,” provides that filings can only include the last four digits of a Social Security or tax ID number, the year of an individual’s birth, a minor’s initials or the last four digits of a financial account number.

What is another word for redacted?

What is another word for redacted?editedrevisedmade upset upstruck outtidied upwrote overwritten overprepared for publicationrecast

How do you redact a hard copy?

To do this, go to View > Toolbars > Redaction. You can then choose the “Mark for Redaction” Tool from the toolbar. Use the tool to mark all the items you would like to redact. NOTE: To redact a line or item in the document, double-click on a word or image.

What does it mean to redact a document for information?

2 : to select or adapt (as by obscuring or removing sensitive information) for publication or release broadly : edit. 3 : to obscure or remove (text) from a document prior to publication or release.

What is the history of the term “Redacted”?

In the context of the Meuller’s report, the personal information of various individuals associated with the 2016 presidential election had to be redacted before his findings could be released to the public. However, the use of the word redacted has evolved through the centuries across multiple languages.

What specific kinds of information need to be redacted before release to the public?

There are a myriad of circumstances in which documents should first be redacted to remove sensitive information before being shared online. For instance Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 5-2 restricts the filing of of certain personal data to:

What is redaction software?

While redaction has historically referred to the censoring of private information in the context of legal documents, redaction software is now available that will obscure the faces and personal information contained in images, audio recordings, videos, and pdf’s.

What is redacting media?

Redact is defined as the removal or obscuring of sensitive information prior publication or release. To take it a step further, a redacted piece of media will leave absolutely no trace of the public information that was present before the process.

What does "redacted" mean in English?

The past participle of this verb, “redactus”, came into English in the 15 century as the word “redact”, which originally meant to organize writing or ideas into a cohesive form.

What is the meaning of "redacted" in the French context?

Jefferson used the term in the French context, in which the term refers to the work of a “redacteur” or editor. In contemporary times, major political reports and findings such as the 1988 Iran Contra hearings have come to define redacted as a new word that has replaced the word censored.

Why is it important to keep private information out of the public domain?

Due to the public ways in which information is currently being shared on the internet and through social media platforms , it is imperative that sensitive and private data is kept out of the public domain. From traffic lights to police body cameras to surveillance footage, images and videos of the public are constantly being captured and in turn stored. If this information is released without proper authorization there are many resulting legal consequences. More importantly, this leak of information threatens the safety and livelihood of all involved. As such, these forms of media must be redacted first before being released to the public.

How to redact a paper document?

Redacting a paper document can be done by cutting out the text to be redacted or using opaque tape to cover the redacted sections . The redaction of electronic filings, however, is more complicated. The following methods may appear to redact a document, but in reality are not effective or foolproof:

Why did Citigroup fail to protect Social Security?

In 2013, Citigroup acknowledged that it failed to safeguard sensitive data including Social Security numbers and birth dates for 146,000 customers who filed for bankruptcy between 2007 and 2011, because of a problem with the way its software redacted customer data on bankruptcy filings for secured loans .

Why is redaction necessary?

As the electronic filing of court documents is now standard practice, redaction is necessary to restrict public access to personal data, given the possibility for identity theft and other types of fraud.

Why is redacting important?

Redacting personal data in documents is important to avoid identity theft.

What is redacted in legal terms?

What Is Redacted? Redacted, a fairly common practice in legal documents, refers to the process of editing a document to conceal or remove confidential information before disclosure or publication.

What is blacking out with comment tools?

Blacking out with comment tools: Edits made by such tools can be removed to reveal the underlying text.

What is the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act?

There is a significant amount of legislation—such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 2 ?? and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act 3 ???—that includes processes on how to handle private information.