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what is my mother in law to my mother

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A mother-in-law is the mother of a person’s spouse. Two women who are mothers-in-law to each other’s children may be calledco-mothers-in-law, or, if there are grandchildren, co-grandmothers. View complete answer on dummies.com What does my mother call my mother-in-law? If your mother-in-law asks to be called Mother Smith, so be it.

What is a good gift for your mother in law?

The Best Gifts to Give Your Mother-in-LawSelf-Watering Planter. We’re starting our mother-in-law gift guide on a high with this amazing indoor garden. …Monthly Tea Delivery. …Symbolic Flower Pendant. …Virtual Cooking Class. …Beautiful Glass Keepsake. …Ancestry DNA Kit. …Versatile Spice Collection. …Wine-Tasting Experience. …Beauty Advent Calendar. …Effective Wine Chiller. …More items…

What should I tell my mother in law?

When a toxic mother-in-law needs to get out of a sticky situation,she’ll give you one of those:“ S orry you feel this way,”“I’m sorry you thought I was insulting you but I wasn’t” or“I’m sorry I care.”

How to get rid of your mother in law?

Part 1 Part 1 of 4: Talking With Your Spouse Download ArticleAsk your spouse to sit down with you. Tell your spouse that you’d like to have a serious conversation about your mother-in-law,and ask him or her when a …Tell your spouse what you want. You want your mother-in-law to move out,and you need to be upfront about that.Bring up any extra work. …Talk about the stress. …Discuss finances. …More items…

How do I deal with my mother in law?

Dealing with your dominating mother-in-law is very easy and essential. Set your boundaries. You should definitely respect your mother-in-law. …. Know your priorities. Your husband and children are your top priority. …. Be emotionally detached. Your mother-in-law is not your mother. …. Talk to her directly. …. Talk to your husband.


Mom’s comment stung, but more than anything it told me two things: She was very worried, and she wasn’t going to be able to help me. Rich was concerned, but with him, as everyone, I didn’t know what was wrong or what to ask for. And I knew he needed to work, so I tried not to let on to him how bad I was feeling.


My mom was anxious for updates, and we spoke every day about Hope’s weight gain and our activities. Before she’d left, I’d asked Mom if she could return once Teri’s week was up. “I guess I can,” she’d responded wearily.


Mom, meanwhile, preferred to watch the kids at my house, and when I arrived home I felt myself tensing up. Something usually had gone wrong — the neighbor’s dogs barked during naps or Hope refused to wear socks or we’d run out of bread again.


Mom and I talked on the phone almost every day, and I saw her at least once a week, plus I talked or emailed frequently with family about her. But in the evenings, after the kids were in bed and the dishwasher hummed, my car drove mostly one direction: south to Teri’s.


Mom smiled faintly as I entered her bedroom, her bald head wrapped in a pink terry-cloth cap.


That night, after gathering my things like usual, I dropped my bag and walked back down the hall to Mom’s bedside.

Blood is Irrelevant

Blood doesn’t make a family. Love does. And not all love looks the same.

EVERYONE Royally Screws Up

A common problem I hear about is MILs who seem to think, “ She better treat my little boy perfectly because he is an angel on earth. ”

Love Gives Space

As a mom of young kids, I find it very easy to hover over every decision they make. But the reality is that I can’t control my kids as two-year-olds, I won’t be able to control them as teenagers, and I won’t be able to control them as adults. But I really hope they want to talk to me no matter what.

Is punch me in the face a faux pas?

Many of the items on my Punch Me in the Face list are considered a faux pas in any situation. They are a hundred times more egregious when put in the context of a mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship. I don’t know why these behaviors seem so prevalent in the elder, supposedly wiser generation, but I do know I will keep this list at the ready lest a friend one day feel that ominous tug, that devilish whisper in her ear that falsely emboldens her to put her nose where it doesn’t belong.

Can parents gaslight their children?

Parents can gaslight their children and definitely their daughters-in-law, whether they realize that’s what they’re doing or not. Nip this behavior in the bud.

Do mothers in law get inside scoops?

Mothers-in-law don’t get to have the inside scoop on the young marriage. Ew! If you catch me trying to involve myself in my son’s arguments with his wife, give me a stiff uppercut to the jaw.

Who said "We’re going to let her in"?

We’re going to let her in.” — Les Dawson. “When you have a wonderful mother-in-law who takes sides with you in squabbles with her own daughter — that’s something.”. — Lou Gehrig. “Just got back from a pleasure trip: I took my mother-in-law to the airport.”.

I Thought Our Friendship Would Be Unbreakable

The message notification pinged on my phone. A woman, once one of my best friends, was reaching out to me via Facebook. Her message simply read, “Wanted to catch up and see how life was treating you!” I had very conflicting feelings. It seemed with that one single message, a flood of memories surfaced. Some held some great moments and laughter.

The First 10 Years: How Two Broken People Kept Their Marriage from Breaking

We met online in October of 2005, by way of a spam email ad I was THIS CLOSE to marking as trash. Meet Single Christians! My cheese alert siren sounded loudly, but for some reason, I unchecked the delete box and clicked through to the site. We met face-to-face that Thanksgiving.

To The Mother Who Is Overwhelmed

I have this one head. It is a normal sized head. It didn’t get bigger because I had children. Just like I didn’t grow an extra arm with the birth of each child. I mean, while that would be nice, it’s just not the case. We keep our one self. And the children we add on each add on to our weight in this life.

Dear Husband, I Loved You First

Dear husband, I loved you first. But often, you get the last of me. I remember you picking me up for our first date. I spent a whole hour getting ready for you. Making sure every hair was in place and my make-up was perfect. When you see me now at the end of the day, the make-up that is left on my face is smeared.

Stop Being a Butthole Wife

Stop being a butthole wife. No, I’m serious. End it. Let’s start with the laundry angst. I get it, the guy can’t find the hamper. It’s maddening. It’s insanity. Why, why, must he leave piles of clothes scattered, the same way that the toddler does, right? I mean, grow up and help out around here, man. There is no laundry fairy.

Love Notes From My Mother in Heaven

Twelve years have passed since my mother exclaimed, “I’ve died and gone to Heaven!” as she leaned back in her big donut-shaped tube and splashed her toes, enjoying the serenity of the river.

Sometimes Friendships End, No Matter How Hard You Try

I tried. We say these words for two reasons. One: for our own justification that we made an effort to complete a task; and two: to admit that we fell short of that task. I wrote those words in an e-mail tonight to a friend I had for nearly 25 years after not speaking to her for eight months.

What does "mishpuchah" mean?

MIshpuchah would include looser definitions of family, incuding you if you felt like becoming my unmet sister.

What is the Spanish word for mother in law?

There is a term in Spanish “consuegra” which might roughly be translated as co-mother-in-law. I like the Spanish term and with all the words there are in the English language, I do find it difficult to believe there is no specific word for this relationship. I don’t think “in-laws” really cuts it, although that being said, I find that “in-laws,” being as close as it is to “out-laws,” actually fits pretty well.

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Is your son’s mother in law related to you?

She’s not anything. She’s simply your son’s mother-in-law. She is not related to you in any way.

Is there a Hebrew word for "machutanesim"?

There is a Hebrew word for the relationship (machutanesim) but not one in English. In English, they are your son’s in-laws, not yours. Unfortunately.

Is a wife a daughter in law?

The problem if you follow the “in law” route technically – well, the wife is your daughter-in-law, and in the same generation as your daughter. Any siblings on one side are the brothers- and sisters-in-law of the others.

What does a narrow mentality dictate?

So she will use silent treatments, guilt, blame, and direct intimidation to manipulate you and your spouse. If the spouse is not siding with her, she will be punishing and destructive towards them, too. At the same time, she will be demonstratively granting her love to her other children and their spouses.

How to live with your MIL?

Answer: If there is no other way but to live with your MIL, you have to develop zen-like patience, but also be clear and firm with her about your boundaries. It’s your house. Many issues can be avoided or minimized when there’s clear communication from the start.

What happens if a woman doesn’t respect you?

If she can’t get you to respect her authority, she‘ll tighten the reins on your spouse, her other kids, her grandchildren, and as many friends and family as possible. She’ll make simple things complicated just to prove to everyone she’s the one calling the shots.

How to deal with a narcissistic woman?

Answer: Don’t try and avoid her. Go no contact, period. Move away, block her number, stop feeding into her blame games. People with a narcissistic personality can be extremely vicious, abusive and selfish. Do what is best for your family.

What does it mean when a girl says she is not good enough for her child?

She will communicate to you, in a thousand subtle ways, that you are not good enough for her child or for her family. She will not say it to your face, no, but you will hear the message loud and clear. Depending on your self-esteem, you will either feel devastated or slightly amused.

How to establish dominance?

That would include adopting her opinions, religion, culture, appearing at every family event, learning her ways of cooking, cleaning and just about everything else under the sun (because her way is clearly better), and, last but not least, giving her grandchildren. If you fail to do any of that, you are indeed a rotten son- or daughter-in-law, and she has a right to complain about you to anyone who’ll listen.

What is a toxic mother in law?

And like any toxic person, a toxic mother-in-law is a soul-sucking parasite that feeds on your misery. To protect yourself and your loved ones, you need to know your enemy.