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what constitutes practicing law without a license

What is practice of law in Illinois?

The Illinois Supreme Court has long held that the practice of law involves giving advice or rendering of services which require the use of legal skills or knowledge. People ex rel. Illinois State Bar Assoc. v. Schafer, 404 Ill. 45, 87 N.E. 2d 773, 776 (1949). That is, the “practice of law” is much more than simply going to court or representing someone in litigation. Here are just a few samples of activity which constitutes the “practice of law” in Illinois: 1 Representing someone in an arbitration, even if the arbitrators aren’t lawyers (ISBA Opinion No. 12-17) 2 Assisting or advising someone in completing corporate documents, even documents provided by the Secretary of State (ISBA Opinion No. 95-7)

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Does Illinois allow practice of law?

Illinois, like all states, prohibits the practice of law by individuals not admitted to practice in the state. Illinois sets this forth in the Attorney Act, 705 ILCS § 205/0.01 et seq. Section one of the Act provides that:

Can I practice law without a license?

Practicing law without a license is a terrible idea that happens to some professionals, consultants or real estate agents may go over the line. Be careful when carrying out your professional relationships and know where the line is for what your jurisdiction considers the unauthorized practice of law.

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