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What are the oracles against the nations?

There are some passages of Scripture which might be used to object to the position I have articulated so far. First, there are the oracles against the nations in the Old Testament prophets, in which the prophets denounce the wickedness of other nations and declare that God’s judgment will come upon them. Does this not show that there must be some universal moral law that all nations should be expected to follow, in addition to the particular law which God has given His covenant people? The problem with the argument is that virtually all Old Testament scholars agree that the prophets never delivered these oracles to the nations they were criticizing. Rather, the audience of these oracles against the nations was Israel. The purpose of the oracles against the nations, then, was not to tell other nations, “You should know better”; it was to tell Israel, “Even though these other enemy nations have harmed or threatened you, I will protect you and save you from them.” But even if the oracles against the nations do hold enemy nations to certain moral standards, this would not prove that there is a universal Natural Law; it would just show that God is holding these nations accountable to particular moral truths that they themselves recognize as being true.

What do Christians know about God?

Christians know what the will of God is. They know what is morally right and wrong. They know this because God has revealed this to His covenant people in His word, the Scriptures, and ultimately in His Word, Jesus Christ. But what about those who do not know God in this way? Is there still a set of moral standards we can expect them to adhere to, even apart from repentance, faith, and membership in the Church? One popular Christian answer to this question has been to posit the existence of a Natural Law. [1] #N#This should not be confused with the scientific “laws of nature,” which provide a descriptive account of the natural world. In contrast, Natural Law in this context refers to a prescriptive … Continue reading

What is natural law?

In contrast, Natural Law in this context refers to a prescriptive law providing standards for ethical action.

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