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what is marsy’s law

Dec 23, 2021 Uncategorized

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constitutional amendment

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  • What is Marsy’s law and why is it important?

  • Modeled after a similar measure in California, Marsy鈥檚 Law broadens the rights of crime victims and ingrains them into the state constitution. These rights include: Preserving the confidentiality of the victim or the victim鈥檚 family, including any information that could be used to locate or harass the victim or their family

  • Will Marsy’s law pass in Pennsylvania?

  • That question is about Marsy鈥檚 Law, a proposed victims鈥?rights amendment to the state constitution that鈥攑er Pennsylvania鈥檚 amendment process鈥攚as approved by the legislature two sessions in a row. The final step to ratification is a statewide referendum.

  • Is Marsy’s law coming to California?

  • California adopted a version of the Marsy鈥檚 Law amendment in 2008, and many states have considered it since. Versions of the original language have so far made it into 12 state constitutions, according to Ballotpedia.

  • Why wasn’t Marsy’s family informed of her case?

  • Marsy鈥檚 family was not informed because the courts and law enforcement, though well-meaning, had no obligation to keep them informed. While those accused of crimes have more than 20 individual rights spelled out in the U.S. Constitution, the surviving family members of murder victims have none.

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